Posted BY: Breitbart

Republican J.D. Vance, running against Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) for Ohio’s open United States Senate seat, dropped a new ad on Thursday in which he vows to help end Chinese acquisition of American farmland.

“Why are food and groceries getting so expensive? One reason is that we let Communist China buy up American farmland — threatening our food supply and our national security,” Vance says in the ad.

“Tim Ryan and Joe Biden make this worse,” he continues.

Ryan, this year, voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act without raising concerns about farming provisions that do nothing to protect American farmland from continuing incursions from China. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) proposed an amendment to ban China from buying American farmland but the measure was blocked by Senate Democrats.

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Analysis from 2019 shows that about half a million acres of farmland in Ohio are owned by foreign investors — primarily from China, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“Ohio gave a poor kid like me a fighting chance,” Vance says. “But it won’t work for the next generation unless we protect what’s ours … I’ll stop Communist China from buying our farms. America should belong to Americans, not our enemies.”

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