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The January 6 committee exposed little news during its 18-month exercise in tedious political theatrics advertised under the banner of being an “investigation.”

This J6 “investigation” failed to give us any new info on the DNC pipe bomber, why Ray Epps is free when he said he “orchestrated” a Capitol breach, why J6 political prisoners are still being held for crimes that are effectively trespassing, the missing 14,000 hours of J6 video or what the hell the FBI or Nancy Pelosi did to stop the capitol from being overrun by extremists, despite knowing about the threat weeks in advance.

But amidst its cherry-picked narratives, maudlin hysterics, exclusion of exculpatory evidence, lack of counter-balancing testimony, and outright lies, the J6 committee was able to achieve something. It was able to expose nearly 2,000 Social Security numbers of Republicans, GOP governors, and their family members in what amounts to a massive “dox.”

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The Washington Post revealed the egregious security breach on Friday and included in its reporting is a striking passage on the role of the National Archives (this would be the same body that urged the Justice Department to take action against Donald Trump ahead of the Mar-a-Lago raid for purported ‘classified’ documents.)

When the House Jan. 6 committee wrapped up its work in recent weeks, it posted hundreds of records online, including interview transcripts, audio recordings, and text messages.

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