Posted BY: Thomas Lifson

By any standard, the treatment of the January 6 defendants has been a disgrace to the Department of Justice, the DC federal bench, and the Constitution. Scores of people have been held in inhumane conditions in the DC Gulag, denied their constitutional right to a speedy trial, and denied access to exculpatory evidence. The blanket media coverage excoriating them as “violent insurrectionists” has prevented these constitutional outrages from becoming a national scandal.

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But there is a chance, a small chance, that the release of the CCTV Capitol video by Speaker McCarthy may change the national consensus (other than in conservative media) that there is nothing to see here, they are getting what they deserve. One such instance powered by the video release is the case of Daniel Goodwin, who faces federal prison via DOJ prosecutors. Goodwin’s crime was simply walking through an open door into the Capitol, spending less than a minute inside, and immediately leaving when asked to do so by a Capitol policeman.

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