James Woods is far from the only conservative actor in Hollywood, despite what the liberal media wants you to think.

However, he certainly is just one of the few who has the marbles to speak out against the Democrat agenda in favor of President Trump.

With just a single tweet, Woods savaged every 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful.



Game. Set. Match.

Woods hit a home run. 2020 Dems are not looking out for the best interests of Americans.

If they ran for office in Europe, though, they’d be golden.

Charlotte Clymer, a member of Hillary Clinon’s communications staff, tweeted:

It’s really this simple: if you’ve got a better than what @AOC is offering to combat climate change, please show it. If you’re a Member of Congress who can effectively address climate change better than the #GreenNewDeal, show your receipts. Make an effort.