Posted BY: Harrison Carter

Nick Cannon recently spoke about Jamie Foxx’s health scare, stating that he believes Foxx will update fans on his condition “when he’s ready.” Cannon expressed his respect for Foxx’s professionalism and privacy throughout his career, noting that Foxx has always maintained a level of discretion. Cannon commended Foxx for handling the situation with grace, stating that he believes Foxx will address his awaiting fans in his own unique way.

During an interview with Fox News, Cannon was asked about reports suggesting that Foxx had suffered a stroke and if he could provide an update on Foxx’s condition. However, Foxx’s family has chosen not to disclose his medical condition. Cannon explained that he, like everyone else, respects Foxx’s privacy as a friend and does not pry or ask unnecessary questions. He relies on the information given to him and respects the family’s decision regarding what is shared publicly.

Cannon expressed that he initially offered prayers and positive energy to support Foxx during his health scare. However, Foxx’s family made it clear that they appreciated the gestures but had the situation under control. Cannon mentioned that Foxx was pleased with the job he did as a guest host on “Beat Shazam,” the musical game show that Cannon temporarily took over while Foxx was hospitalized. Kelly Osbourne stepped in as the deejay for Foxx’s daughter, Corinne.

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“One thing I’ve always respected about how Jamie’s moved throughout his entire career, if you’ve noticed, he’s always been somebody who is extremely professional and extremely private,” Cannon told “Extra’s” Billy Bush.

“I mean, you don’t ever really hear anything other than just the great work that he puts forth as a professional and the fact that, you know, he’s handled this situation with the same manner, you only can respect that,” said Cannon.

He went on to add, “I believe when he’s ready, he’s going to address the awaiting fans in the world [about his health scare] the way that only he can.”

Foxx himself broke his silence in late April, expressing his gratitude for the love and support he had received. His daughter, Corinne, also provided an update on his condition, stating that he had been out of the hospital for weeks and was in the process of recuperating. She even mentioned that he was playing pickleball.

While the specifics of Jamie Foxx’s health scare remain undisclosed, his family has assured the public that he is on the path to recovery. Fans eagerly await further updates from Foxx himself when he feels ready to share more about his journey.