“I regard that as an attack on the… core values of NATO,” Stoltenberg says

Source: Zero Hedge

Watch below as NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg calls January 6 “an attack… on the core values of NATO.” 

With dramatic and overly self-serious gusto, Stoltenberg told Axios’ Jonathan Swan: “I regard that as an attack on the core democratic institutions of the United States and therefore also on core values of NATO.”

The interview was recorded last week at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, ironically around the same time the Steele dossier began to much-belatedly be acknowledged and widely exposed in the mainstream as an utterly groundless falsehood and hoax. 

“I’m confident that our biggest ally… will remain a strong democracy,” Stoltenberg said while contemplating the events of Jan.6 and the future impact on democracy. He said the United States “has been through difficult times, crises, before and always come out on the other end with a strong commitment to democratic institutions.”

Journalist and geopolitical observer Max Blumenthal commented on the obvious pretentious absurdism of likening it to “an attack” on “the core values of NATO”… “Yet for some reason he did not invoke Article 5 and launch a massive bombing campaign on the Red States the way NATO did to Libya,” Blumenthal wrote on Twitter.

But what is the current state of American democracy and justice? Places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen decimated by failed US-NATO military campaigns and intervention… an estimated one million or more dead in Iraq alone… and we are all supposed to feel some sort of national relief that the silly “QAnon Shaman” got over 3 years in prison (after being threatened with a 20-year max).

Blumenthal points out that this is the true state of democracy and “accountability in Washington”… or what Stoltenberg is really, in the end, holding up as NATO’s “core values”: 

Iraq war criminals fill govt & think tanks, no officials were jailed for torture or bankers for the financial crash, the Sacklers & senators caught insider trading days before the pandemic got off. But at least we nailed this “shaman” for obstruction.

But Blumenthal later corrects himself – one person was actually jailed for the post-9/11 Bush-era torture program that included things like the CIA’s notorious and sickening ‘rectal feeding’ of detainees: former CIA analyst and case officer John Kiriakou… for blowing the whistle on the program.