Posted BY: Steve Feinstein

History aficionados enjoy noting the passage of significant dates.

They serve as reminders of important events that have shaped America’s past, contributed to our culture, and made our country what it is. Unfortunately these days with the rise of wokism, CRT, and other ill-intended progressive-sponsored initiatives, traditional American history is being pushed aside and replaced by fake dates and deceptive milestones. Exhibit A, of course, is the crowd control failure incident at the Capitol on January 6.

What we really need is for Americans to know the dates of some of the most meaningful occurrences in our past and truly understand and appreciate how those incidents affected our development as a country.

What follows is a short (but by no means inclusive!) list of important episodes in American history. Some of these are easily recognized, some far less so, but they are all important and worth knowing.

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July 4, 1776

The Declaration of Independence is ratified by the Continental Congress, asserting the independence of the United States from Great Britain. Most younger people know that we observe a holiday on this date; not all of them can explain it, however.

September 3, 1783

Britain formally recognizes the independence of the United States with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. This could be thought of as the day America became an undisputed sovereign country.

April 12, 1861

Confederate artillery fires on Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor, signifying the start of the American Civil War.

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