Source: Jim Hoft

The Blaze TV host and sports analyst Jason Whitlock joined Mark Levin on Sunday night to discuss Democrats and race issues in America today.

During their discussion, Whitlock argued that what we are witnessing from Democrats today is pure evil and Satanism – a total disregard for the truth.

Jason Whitlock: I want to take the conversation a little bit differently though, in terms of, I don’t want to diminish racism, I don’t want to diminish anti-Semitism, those are real issues and real problems. But what we’re really seeing here from Joy Reid, from Michael Eric Dyson, from Jonathan Capehart, this is satanism. This is satanic. When there is an attack on truth, it’s an attack on God. It’s an attack on Jesus. The truth is what sets us free. The truth is what Jesus, God, faith, are about.

It should be clear by now that Jason is right.

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Jason Whitlock then went on to attack Democrats for their lies on Jan. 6th that was not an insurrection. Whitlock believes worse atrocities are coming from the Satanists and liars on us all!