Sessions is planning on holding China accountable.


Former U.S Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is calling for the formation of a new congressional committee to investigate China’s role in enabling and covering up the severity of the global Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

Sessions, currently a candidate for his old Alabama Senate seat, made the call for the investigation in a tweet Wednesday morning.

The lifelong Alabaman also released a video detailing his policy views on US-China relations. Sessions is calling for a fundamental reset of neoliberal-era approaches favoring free trade and commerce with the authoritarian communist nation, instead opting to recognize China’s Communist Party as the global malignant actor that it is.

America must fundamentally reset our relationship with China.

Somewhat curiously, Sessions’ primary opponent in the Alabama Senate race, Tommy Tuberville, has spoken against President Donald Trump’s revolutionary America First program of instituting strict tariffs against China in order to advance the interests of American workers and manufacturers. Fueled by a comparatively limitless supply of near-slave labor supplied by the nation’s communist government, Chinese technocrats have overseen the greatest wealth transfer in global history from the American middle class to China.

Sessions has decades of experience as a federal prosecutor and a judge, in addition to implementing game-changing reforms as Attorney General to root out deep state corruption and finally enforce America’s immigration laws. Should he be elected to return to the US Senate, it’d be hard to find a leader with a track record better suited to finding answers on China’s culpability in the pandemic.

The severity of the coronavirus epidemic calls for the expertise of a leader with an undeniable and quite possibly unmatched track record of exposing and calling out the globalist agenda.