Posted BY: Joe Hoft

Jesse Watters destroyed the narratives being built around the Paul Pelosi and David DePape midnight escapade in San Francisco tonight. 

Jesse Watters mentioned many things that don’t add up.

San Francisco isn’t letting our cameras into the courtroom for some reason, so that’s not a good sign.” he updated viewers after the 42-year-old DePape pleaded not guilty to charges against him at a court hearing.

After playing a video clip of San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins whose office announced multiple felony charges against the alleged attacker and who claimed that “misinformation” is the greatest problem with the case, Watters pointed out that the source of much of the “misinformation” was the city itself and its “sloppy press conference” and the information that an unnamed third party opened the door for police.

“We have a lot of basic questions about this case that San Francisco officials won’t answer,” he said. “Like, why didn’t the alarm go off when DePape allegedly broke in? We’re talking about the home of the Speaker of the House here. Not only is San Francisco experiencing a crime wave but what if a Chinese agent broke in and bugged the place? This house is so exposed you could just break into the house of the person who’s third in line to the presidency that easy? Do the Pelosis even have an alarm system?” Watters asked before playing another clip of Jenkins declining to say whether there was an alarm.
“you either see the alarm system in the house or you don’t. That takes about 30 seconds lady,” he said. “And they caught the perp red-handed, he’s behind bars with no bail and there’s a  mountain of evidence and eyewitness testimony that he smashed Paul’s head in with a hammer, and the DA thinks she needs to hold back key details from the public? It’s not like  hammer man’s still out and he’s watching the news from his little hideout and police don’t want to tip off the investigation.”
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