“The president’s records fall under the Presidential Records Act, which is not a criminal statute. Nothing about this document drama is criminal,” he argues.

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Fox News anchor Jesse Watters broke down the Justice Department’s sham indictment of former President Donald Trump on Friday, arguing that “everybody has the law wrong” when analyzing the DOJ’s motives.

The “Jesse Watters Primetime” host broke down the DOJ’s 37 felony charges against the former president during his monologue and claimed there was nothing criminal about Trump’s handling of classified documents.

“The president’s records fall under the Presidential Records Act, which is not a criminal statute. Nothing about this document drama is criminal,” Watters explained. “Every president, when they leave office, takes things back home with them. Some documents go to the archives, some stay at the president’s office or house, and then some go to presidential libraries.”

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Watters then noted how the DOJ by contrast treated former presidents like Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, who all similarly held onto classified information after leaving the White House — and in much less secure ways.

“All presidents negotiate through lawyers with the archives – what’s personal and what’s presidential, what stays and what goes. This happens every time and it’s never led to a raid. It’s never turned into a crime until the Biden administration turned it into a crime,” Watters said.

“George H.W. Bush’s record’s ended up in a strip mall between a Chinese restaurant and a bowling alley. Bill Clinton didn’t just have tapes in a sock drawer. He had docks in a car dealership in Little Rock. George W Bush stored his in a warehouse in Texas and Obama kept his at a defunct furniture store right across the street from Mickey D’s. 30 FBI agents didn’t show up to their doorsteps with guns. Their wives never had their underwear drawers rummaged through.”

“Trump’s lawyer should have filed the motion last spring immediately, once he got a subpoena and argued that these records are personal under the Presidential Records Act. In fact, at the end of this case, President Trump will be able to argue for Joe Biden to return these personal documents back to Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago is where the former office of the presidency is, which is funded by taxpayers and protected by the Secret Service.”

“Everybody knows what this is all about: stopping Trump before he can beat Biden in the election,” he added.

Trump is set to appear in a Miami court on Tuesday for the arraignment.