Source: B.K. House

Jet Blue flight attendants are sporting a new look these days. Hopefully, the airlines have thought ahead to carry extra alcohol and air sickness bags, their passengers are going to need them.

According to Aviation Pros,

On April 6, JetBlue announced more details of its plan to shake up the transatlantic market, this time unveiling its core experience for travelers who previously flew in other airlines’ “economy” or “coach” offerings. When JetBlue launches flights to London later this year, it will bring a whole new level of service and comfort to customers who want a great experience at a low fare.

Are the dress-wearing lumberjack-looking flight attendants Jet Blue’s idea of shaking up the market?

To advertise their new woke look, Jet Blue should start an ad campaign to draw more passengers to the airline. Dudes in Dresses is kind of catchy. Or maybe stubble and stilettos.

If it won’t violate any copywrite laws, Jet Blue can defile the old United Airlines jingle with a 2021 twist: Fly the friendly skies with bearded cross-dressed guys!