Posted BY: Andrea Widburg

When Melania Trump entered the White House, we thought that our eyes would never again be offended by a badly dressed First Lady. Even when Jill Biden walked through those doors, we thought that a 70-year-old, middle-class, White lady, if not stylish, would at least be blandly unexceptional. How wrong we were. Although it’s hard to fathom, Jill may well be the worst-dressed First Lady in American History. It’s not just that she too often wears clothes unsuited to a woman her age (“mutton dressed as lamb” is not a compliment); it’s also that, as one hilarious Twitter thread shows, she wears clothes that are better suited for furniture.

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Michelle Obama, with her, um, husky build, had a challenge finding flattering clothes but she did try. Most of her clothes were unexceptional, although she sometimes forgot that she represented the American people. It was only after she left the White House that she dressed like a giant banana in glitter boots:

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