The Tonight Show host said he only experienced “mild symptoms” while infected with the virus

Source: NwoReport

Jimmy Fallon recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The Tonight Show host, 47, announced his diagnosis in a post on Instagram Monday, explaining that he received the positive results right before Christmas, despite being fully vaccinated. “Hey guys, on the first day of our holiday break I tested positive for Covid. I was vaccinated and boostered which made me lucky enough to only have mild symptoms,” he wrote beside a photo that showed him sitting alone inside a testing room wearing a mask. When will these people wake up to see that these shots are not vaccines?

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When asked by a fan in the comments section if he will be filming new shows or if a guest would be filling in, Fallon responded: “The positive came back on 12/18. Back at work today and feeling 100%!”

Reese Witherspoon also left a comment, writing “hope you had a speedy recovery!” Fallon thanked the actress and said, “Back to 100%!”