Jimmy Kimmel Gets FORCED To Recite ‘Black Lives Matter’ Onstage At The Emmys

Source: National File

Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel got publicly bossed around for being white during the awards show broadcast Sunday night, awkwardly going along with a Black Lives Matter-themed presentation by actor Anthony Anderson that crossed the line into anti-white racism.

It appears that Kimmel was not prepared for Anderson’s racial diatribe, meekly trying to cut Anderson off based on an agreement they apparently made in rehearsal, but once Anderson got going Kimmel merely played second fiddle.

It is also possible that the segment was set up in advance, with Kimmel pretending to be clueless as Anderson railed against the Emmys ceremony itself and also against Vice President Mike Pence.

Anderson forced Kimmel to applaud for him, to not “whitesplain” to him to repeatedly recite the words “Black Lives Matter,” and to cede his place on the stage to Anderson. Kimmel, the low-rated leftist ABC late-night host, seemed powerless.

The lack of a live audience at the event made the segment even more awkward.