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Joe Biden incorrectly spelled the number “eight” during another bumbling speech he struggled through while lying to Americans about the economy.

When Biden paused to spell out the word “eight,” it wasn’t correct.

“We have a thousand billionaires in America. Do you know the average tax rate they pay? Eight. E-I-G-H percent. Eight percent,” Joe Biden said.


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80-year-old sleepy Joe’s error adds to a long list of embarrassing moments, demonstrating he is in no way fit to run the United States.

Biden’s remarks were centered around blasting the proposed budget cuts by House Republicans, who unveiled legislation that would raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion.

Biden also criticized Trump and his President Donald Trump and MAGA for proposing cutting the FBI’s budget over alleged political bias.

But aside from Biden’s bumbling, nobody cared what he had to say; most people were shocked that he could not spell ‘eight.’

Some people offered some hilarious suggestions of what happened to the ‘T’ –

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