Fraudulent US Democratic President Joe Biden was planning on visiting Atlanta on Friday to promote his pork-filled Covid relief bill as part of his ridiculous “Help is Here” tour.

However, Biden and his babysitter Kamala Harris have postponed the event and will meet with Asian-American leaders instead.

Biden will now talk about the ongoing threats and violence against the Asian-American community in the wake of shootings at massage parlors that left several Asian women dead.

Via Politico:

The Fake Biden administration on Thursday nixed plans for a political event to sell the president’s Covid relief bill in Atlanta on Friday, announcing plans instead to meet with Asian American leaders there in the wake of a string of shootings at spas earlier this week.

During the trip, Biden and Harris will now talk with Asian American leaders and others about the ongoing threats and violence against the Asian American community amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the White House said. The president and vice president will also visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for updates on efforts to fight the pandemic.

The mass shooting in Atlanta earlier this week appeared to target sex workers employed by the ‘massage parlors’ and had nothing to do with racism.

The shooter told police he is a sex addict and he wanted to “eliminate locations he saw as ‘temptations’ for his sex addiction” but the Democrat-media complex is claiming it was a hate crime motivated by racism.

On Wednesday, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris trashed the US as a racist and violent country during their virtual meetings with the Prime Minister of Ireland.

Biden and Harris brought up the mass shooting in Atlanta to trash America even though all the facts of the shooting are still not known.

Biden’s White House Press Sec Jen Psaki on Wednesday said Trump is to blame for the violence toward Asian-Americans for calling Covid the “China virus.”