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Joe Biden has been doing a lot of gleeful giggling about serious circumstances.

Vice President Kamala Harris has earned a reputation for creepily snickering at utterly inappropriate moments, but recent events indicate her off-putting tic is rubbing off on her boss. In response to serious questions about sobering circumstances, President Joe Biden has been doing a lot of gleeful giggling lately. The out-of-touch habit casts doubt not only on his cognizance of what’s going on in the country but also on his willingness to provide the transparency and accountability he boasted his administration would exhibit.

Laughing at Political Prosecution

In a video circulated online on Tuesday, Biden can be seen making no attempts to hide his glee after a reporter asked him if the indictment of former President Donald Trump, Biden’s foremost political opponent, is “politically divisive.”

After the president gave no answer, a White House staffer ushered reporters away.

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