Source: Alan Halbert

To prove the thesis that Democrats are making war on our people, Biden seems to be doing the bidding of China as it moves to exploit Afghanistan’s untapped mineral resources. Taiwan is now up for grabs too. If we look at Joe Biden’s deliberate acts in Afghanistan and what has actually happened, devoid of rhetoric, the results speak for themselves because actions matter. Joe just made the conditions in Afghanistan exponentially worse and kicked off a refugee crisis that has already cost 13 service members their lives and will soon create a hostage crisis for Americans left behind, including children.

Tellingly, it was never a true withdrawal of military forces since Biden didn’t include the Afghan military and government in the decision to abandon Bagram Air Base on July 5, along with weapons left behind for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. You can bet many of those weapons were given to China and Russia soon after that. Biden tossed away the Tip of his Spear (i.e., Bagram), zero combat casualties in 18 months (thanks to Trump), and our ability to rain terror from above.

The military has always been a millstone for Democrat party presidents; they do not wear the mantle of Commander-in-Chief well. Hence, this is primarily a State Department operation. That parallels Hillary’s fiasco in Libya, another failed operation involving weapons to terrorists. Democrat Secretaries of State create fiascos.

Because our troops collectively represent all that is good about this nation, these young men and women will come forward and give of themselves when called upon. Democrat party adherents, though, rarely practice selfless sacrifice to our way of life nor don the uniform of our armed forces. Instead, they always fail miserably, needlessly costing many lives.

Democrats have been trained through decades of leftist-controlled education to disdain patriotism, so there is no virtue in being brave to defend America. They want to be liked when it’s better to be feared and they seldom exhibit wisdom. Americans, especially American troops, are widgets to be moved around to achieve Democrat party goals.

Their major goal is flooding America with illegal aliens who bring in their wake cartels, drugs, and child trafficking, not to mention their garden-variety criminals. American citizens are sacrificed to policies that bring death and destruction to our people and nation, with around 12 citizens per day succumbing to illegal alien violence. It’s a lie that their Open Border is a humane immigration policy.

Now, Americans in Afghanistan are being betrayed by their government, left to the vagaries of the Taliban’s extreme interpretation of Sharia Law. The Taliban will demand tribute and execute citizens. This is outrageous, unconscionable, and craven. Just as happened with Carter’s Iran Hostage crisis, Democrats again grovel before foreign Islamist despots. (Obama’s version was his Mideast apology tour.) They drag our flag and reputation through the mud.

Even as Biden issued an open invitation to every Afghan who made it to the airport, made it clear that he’s less interested in bringing back to America those citizens stranded in Afghanistan. The facts on the ground showed that the military was turning people away from the airport and American troops left yesterday.

Thanks to Biden, every American in Afghanistan is surrounded by our enemy, the Taliban. Biden’s team is incapable of uttering that fact and instead calls them “security partners,” He’s gone so far as to give the Taliban intelligence on who is in-country under the guise of letting these people pass Taliban checkpoints. In fact, those are death warrants for both the Americans and Afghan allies left behind.

There are people, though, making it to America: Afghans. In 2010, when Afghanistan was relatively peaceful and the Taliban subdued, 99% of Afghan citizens said they supported the imposition of sharia law. Moreover, it appears that most of the people who battled their way onto the planes leaving Kabul are military-aged young men. We have learned that these Afghans are not vetted before being loosed upon us—reflecting the same behavior seen on the Southern border.  With Democrats, past is prologue.

Biden and his part have so damaged the nation with political criminality and chicanery, especially tainted elections, that for lack of a better term, we are staring down our own Waterloo. We need stamina and bravery to turn back this red tide smothering our freedoms and threatening our lives.

We’re in a battle between freedom and a new dark age of socialist intolerance, racism, and fascism—and the implications are global. Either we stand tall, or we go into that cold, dark night. Our decisions regarding this betrayal and treason will shape America for a decade or more. Either we use every constitutional tool to push back against the Democrats’ callous abuse or we succumb.

We matter and it’s time that Biden and the Democrats stop wasting our lives to suit their political goals.

God help us, in Liberty.