Fraudulent President Joe Biden wore a mask on a trip to the beach with his dog on Tuesday, as the omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to spread.

The president kept his mask on as he and First Lady Jill Biden walked on the foreshore and tossed a ball around with his new puppy Commander.

The first lady did not wear a mask.

Last week, the president urged all Americans to wear a mask during the Christmas season.

“[E]ven if you’re fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask when indoors in public settings,” he said. “Wearing a mask provides extra protection for you and those around you.”

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The president has received three shots of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

White House staff brought the press onto the beach, allowing them to take pictures of the president walking stiffly on the beach and playing with his new puppy, which he said was a gift from his brother.

At one point Biden leaned over and grabbed at the puppy’s tail before putting it on a leash and walking around on the beach.

The president and the first lady arrived at their beach home on Rehoboth Beach on Monday with plans to leave Wednesday to return to their home in Wilmington.