Posted BY: John Green

The self-proclaimed “party of science” tosses around theories as if they were hard and fast laws of nature.  They are not.  Theories are nothing but educated guesses about how the world behaves.  Until proven, they remain just guesses.

The scientific method is to make observations, develop a theory that explains the observations, and then conduct tests to prove the theory.  Contrary to the claims of the left, the consensus is not a validation of a theory.  It is merely a bunch of guys making the same guess.

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If testing demonstrates that a theory is accurately predicting natural behavior, the theory becomes a scientific principle.  If testing does not validate a theory, it is discarded — unless it’s a liberal theory.  In that case, testing continues indefinitely until the theory is proven, or the theorist goes insane trying.

Joe Biden’s role in the scientific method is not as a theorist.  His specialty is the validation stage of the process.  He’s putting every silly theory of the left through the wringer to determine if it actually explains real-world behavior.  So far, the validation isn’t going very well.

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