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Joe Biden has issued a directive to the media in response to the impeachment inquiry initiated by Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans. This directive was delivered in the form of a White House memo, which has been made public by a Politico reporter. The key message in the memo is that the White House expects the media to take a more active stance against the impeachment proceedings led by House Republicans. It emphasizes that simply treating the situation as a ‘process story’ is inadequate.

The White House’s directive suggests a strategic shift in how they want the media to cover the impeachment inquiry. It implies that the administration sees this as a critical moment and seeks to garner media support in opposing the Republican-led efforts to impeach. This development reflects the high-stakes political environment surrounding the inquiry.

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In light of the impeachment inquiry launched by House Republicans, President Joe Biden has issued a significant directive to the media through a White House memo. This directive emphasizes the need for the media to go beyond mere procedural reporting and actively oppose the impeachment efforts. It underscores the White House’s determination to shape the narrative surrounding this issue and secure media support for its position.