Posted BY: Rajan Laad

During his presidential ‘campaign,’ Joe Biden appeared on “The Breakfast Club” hosted by African-American radio host Charlamagne tha God. When Charlamagne said he had questions for Biden regarding his vision for the black community, Biden condescendingly interrupted his interviewer saying that he “shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” further retorting that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

That interview occurred in May 2020.

It has been almost two years, so how is Biden faring with the African-Americans?

A recent Washington Post-Ipsos poll shows that only 23 percent of Black voters “strongly agree” with Biden’s performance as president.

The number of voters who think the Biden administration is “sympathetic” towards Black Americans slipped from 74 percent in 2020 to 66 percent.


Sixty percent said they were disappointed or angry about Democrats’ failure to pass voting rights legislation. 

Most importantly, only 62 percent of black voters said they would cast a vote this year compared to 85 percent in 2020.

Among a potential list of candidates for the 2024 presidential election, only 43 percent said they would prefer Biden to be the nominee and Harris followed with a paltry 29 percent. 

It appears that Blacks are abandoning both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

What would explain this act of desertion?

Democrat experts and consultants will probably express astonishment and dismay at the numbers.

They will proudly recite Biden’s ‘stellar’ record.

They will boast that Biden was the first president to have a woman of color as his vice president and that Biden’s cabinet has 5 people of color making it 55% nonwhite. They will brag about Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who was successfully confirmed, soon making her the first Black Supreme Court Justice.

They remind you that Biden and Harris always condemn White Supremacy, White Nationalism, and the MAGA wing of the GOP irrespective of the occasion. They will add that Democrats wholeheartedly support Black Lives Matter such that their looting and rioting were overlooked.

The sanctimonious group that they are, they fail to comprehend even a slight folly on their part. They will probably settle for blaming Russian disinformation for Black Americans’ dissatisfaction and make a case for policing speech. 

So, what could be their reasons for desertion?

Perhaps it’s the inflation in the U.S. that is at a 40-year high, resulting in spiraling costs of living.  

Perhaps it is the fact that the so-called true unemployment rate is 26.5% for Black Americans

Perhaps they miss the prosperity they experienced during the Trump presidency.

Perhaps it is a recent report by real estate firm Redfin revealing that only 44.7% of Black families in the U.S. own the home they live in.

Perhaps it is the fact that Black farmers haven’t received any of Biden’s promised $4 billion in debt forgiveness that was part of the pandemic stimulus package.

Perhaps the influx of illegal migrants owing to Biden’s open border policy has caused the loss of jobs and depressed wages for working-class African-Americans.

Perhaps it is the CDC data showing that African Americans are at least four times more likely to be killed by a gun than the overall population. Among African-Americans, the rate was 26.6 deaths per 100,000, a 39.5% increase over 2019. A recent study shows that Black women are the majority of victims of gun violence. Black communities realize they desperately need policing to ensure their well-being and are disgusted by Democrats’ relentless talk of defunding the police.

A Pew Research Study revealed that 79% of African Americans identify as Christian. Many Black churches welcomed the potential repeal of Roe v. Wade (1973), which legalized abortion nationwide. Perhaps they are disgusted by Democrats becoming champions of unfettered abortions.

Perhaps religious African-Americans are also turned off by Democrat fanatic advocacy of the LGBTQ+ causes.

Biden and the Democrats were also fanatical proponents of the vaccine mandate. A recent study shows that Black Americans are unlikely to receive the COVID-19 vaccines, owing to distrust of government bodies. Perhaps the mandates irked them.

Perhaps African-Americans realized that BLM, whom the Democrats ardently supported, was a con. The only people to benefit from the movement were its founders, who now live in plush mansions.  

The primary problem with the Democrats is they do not see people are individuals but as demographic groups who have a consensus on all important matters. This is particularly applicable to minority groups.

The Democrats presume that their relentless virtue-signaling and their ‘diversity appointments’ would be enough to satisfy Black Americans. It is insulting to presume that any human being will be impressed with empty words or the appointment of the perpetually incoherent Kamala Harris.

The Democrats seem to think that only ‘Black issues’ matter to African-Americans. To think of any group as totally homogenous is a form of bigotry.

Despite all their poor display, Biden’s approval numbers among African-Americans aren’t nearly as low as they ought to be. Perhaps it is the relentless propagandizing by the media and entertainment that has convinced Black Americans that they are traitors if they abandon the Democrat party. They have been convinced that the Democrats are the sole group that cares for them while the GOP is a party of White Supremacists.

This has caused the Democrats to think they own the Blacks and their vote, irrespective of their performance. If Black people such as Charlamagne ask them questions, they throw a conniption fit.

The GOP has another sterling opportunity at expanding their voter base; let’s hope they seize it.