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Does a child have a better memory than Joe Biden?

According to recent footage, yes.

Glenn Beck shares a clip of Joe Biden speaking to a crowd, unable to recall where he had recently traveled.

“I’m trying to think, what was the last, where was the last place I was, it’s hard to keep track,” Biden said.

A little girl yelled “Ireland” to the audience.

“I mean, yeah, you’re right, Ireland, that’s where it was,” Biden responded.

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Biden’s multiple gaffs in recent years have led many Americans to wonder if the president is too old for re-election.

“If the dinosaurs ever come back, he’ll remember, maybe, how they were fought, and maybe he’ll save us,” Beck jokes.

However, Biden’s age isn’t the only thing dominating the news cycle right now.

Tucker Carlson made his departure from Fox News last week and broke his silence a few days later.

Carlson uploaded a 2:16 video to Twitter, where he received 1.7 million views within the first hour that it was posted. By Friday afternoon, the video had been watched almost 75 million times.

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