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Hunter Biden made payments to a prostitute and a sex club by deducting tens of thousands of dollars from his taxes.

Hunter Biden has avoided paying a huge amount in taxes by writing off his erotic parties as business expenses. As per a report by New York Post, he made payments to a prostitute and a sex club by deducting tens of thousands of dollars from his taxes.

The report quotes one whistleblower, an unnamed IRS criminal investigator, who spoke on how Hunter underreported his income and avoided paying $106,000 in taxes. House Ways and Means Committee is investigating into alleged tax fraud, by Hunter who is President Biden’s son, on his 2018 return.

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“So some of the items that he deducted were a

personal no-show employees. He deducted payments that were made to who he called his West Coast assistant, but she was essentially a prostitute,” said the whistleblower in an interview with the committee. Another whistleblower, IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley, highlighted how Hunter expensed flights for prostitutes to his consulting firm, Owasco PC.“There were multiple examples of prostitutes that were ordered basically, and we have all the communications between that where he would pay for these prostitutes, would book them a flight where even the flight ticket showed their name. And then he expensed those,” said Shapley in his testimony. The whistleblowers busted that Hunter expensed a deposit for an elite Los Angeles sex club membership by listing it as a golf membership.“He made payments – there’s an $18,000 wire that is made to one of these individuals, and on the wires, they say $8,000 in wage and $10,000 in golf – a $10k golf club member deposit. And we know that that $10,000 went to pay for a sex club,” the anonymous IRS investigator told Congress.“He went to a sex club, and we talked to the person that owned that sex club, and they confirmed that he was there. And the guy has to pay $10,000, and the

girl – whoever is referring him there doesn’t have to pay anything. So that was deducted on the tax return,” added the whistleblower.