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Desperate Fraudulent President Joe Biden is determined to win a second term — and the conniving commander-in-chief is convinced dumping dead weight Kamala Harris will put him on the path to victory, RadarOnline. com has learned.

The peeved POTUS, 80, is fed up with his vice president’s failures on domestic policy issues and blames Harris, 58, for his historically weak poll numbers, according to tipsters who say he’s decided to ditch her from the 2024 Democratic ticket and already has his eyes on another female frontrunner.

“Joe’s no fool,” said a party source. “He knows if he can add someone like Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama to the ticket instead of Kamala, his chances immediately improve against any Republican nominee.”

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Revealing that “Joe’s also looking ahead,” another insider spilled, “If he wins the next election cycle, his running mate will be the front-runner in 2028. Kamala doesn’t seem to have the right stuff.”

Moles squealed that Joe is steaming over Harris’ performance in getting the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act through the Senate after it was passed by the House of Representatives, as well as her ham-fisted handling of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis.

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