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Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, former Senator John Kerry, has declared that it’s time to follow in the Netherlands’ footsteps and make U.S. farmers go extinct in order to save the planet.

“A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about 33 percent of all the emissions of the world,” Kerry declared earlier this month.

“Depending a little bit on how you count it, but it’s anywhere from 26 to 33. And we can’t get to net zero, we don’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us understand here. The depths of this mission.”

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Kerry insists that America must follow the WEF blueprint for eradicating farming to meet the “green agenda” goals laid out by the globalist elites.

Kerry claims that the agriculture sector “needs innovation now more than ever. We’re facing record malnutrition, at a time when agriculture more than any other sector is suffering from the impacts of the climate crisis.”

This is the same Kerry, who in 2021 hysterically warned that humanity only had “nine years left” to avoid a cataclysmic event brought on by climate change.

“And I refuse to call it climate change anymore,” Kerry said.

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