The burglary happened 16 hours after Ghislaine’s sister, Isabel, snapped photos of reporters outside the NY courtroom.

Source: Adan Salazar

An independent journalist covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial says a break-in at his Airbnb rental resulted in his laptop turning up missing.

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According to The Rundown Live host Kristan T. Harris, the incident – which took less than 2 minutes and resulted in only his laptop being stolen – happened mere hours after he had his photo taken outside the courtroom by none other than the sister of the accused underage sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, Isabel Maxwell.

“Someone broke into my Air BnB to steal my laptop of 4 weeks of detailed Ghislaine Maxwell research,” Harris wrote in a Facebook post-Wednesday evening.

“As many of you know my air BnB was broken into yesterday while covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, coincidentally 16 hrs after my photo was taken by Isabelle Maxwell,” Harris added in a Thursday update. “They stole only my laptop in a place full of goodies.”

In Facebook replies and comments, Harris reported the burglar broke in by removing an A/C window unit.

“He took the air conditioner out the front air BnB window crawled through went through the kitchen and ajared my door from the kitchen. Ripped open the closet door and stole only my laptop. There were other high-priced items including a 350 pair of headphones on the bed and other stuff,” Harris wrote to a commenter asking how the thief compromised the door lock.

Video captured by a surveillance camera outside the Airbnb shows the thief entering a gated property and proceeding to force entry.

The burglary reportedly took place hours after Harris’ photo was taken by Isabel Maxwell outside the courtroom in New York in a suspected attempt to intimidate the press.

Footage shows Isabel Maxwell confronting reporters who she accuses of harassing her, shortly before she takes her phone out to snap photos of the journalists.

Harris has been one of the only journalists posting courthouse transcripts of victim testimony to his website,, which he says no one else has, except for the victims.

Speaking exclusively to Infowars, Harris emphasized the importance of the independent media holding the powerful to account, especially in instances when the mainstream news is purposely ignoring an immensely critical story.

“It’s imperative that independent journalists continue to cover national news in order to hold the mainstream media accountable for disinformation,” he told Infowars.

Harris also noted any intimidation tactics won’t deter him from covering the story and that they only serve to motivate him.

“It’s a hell of a coincidence that the only thing stolen was my laptop and the criminal was in the house for 90 seconds and that’s all he took. I work on a shoe string budget and have dedicated myself to bring genuine news for everyone to read, watch and listen to.

“Although this is a financial set back I will not be deterred by coincidences or bullying tactics. I just get more relentless and motivated when these things occur.”

A friend of Harris has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser to help the Wisconsin-based journalist return to covering the Maxwell case in New York.

Meanwhile, jurors in the trial of the Jeffrey Epstein madam have requested an early Christmas break after failing to reach a verdict following close to 16 hours of deliberation. On Monday, deliberations are set to resume.