Hillary Clinton–democratic presidential candidate or serial killer?

Over forty shady deaths have been quasi-linked back to the Clintons over the course of their careers. Strange deaths have surrounded the Clintons since Bill was Attorney General of Arkansas. Not unusual for people of power to be accused of scandals, but murder?


Another tragic death has been added to this forty-plus list. Victor Thorn met his grim fate just days after a chilling radio interview with Russell Scott. Thorn was just 54 at the time of his death and during the radio interview, he stated: “…if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.”

Thorn’s brother provides more insight to his mysterious death below:

Although no further information has been uncovered at this time, it is documented that Victor Thorn had suffered a gunshot wound, resulting in suicide. Despite key evidence from Thorn himself publicly saying on record that he would never commit suicide, no investigation was ever launched to look into his cause of death. The police still do not give a response when inquired details of the autopsy, if there even was one. Instead, his death went unnoticed and uninvestigated, covered by a veil of lies and deceit, like every other murder linked to the Clintons.

Authors Roger Stone and Robert Morrow dedicated their book ‘The Clintons’ War on Women’ to Victor Thorn in 2015. Thorn was the author of more than twenty books, his most famous work was the ‘Clinton Trilogy’, “three definitive works that delved into the history of the power couple including their sordid scandals, Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults of multiple women, and the drug running out of Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state.”

Thorn’s most recent book, called “CROWNING CLINTON: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House” explains in full detail why Hillary and Bill Clinton should not return to the White House and serves as a “serious prosecution” for Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity.

Political Insider says ‘Crowning Clinton’ is the “all in one place you’ll find the real truth about the Benghazi scandal; Hillary’s covering up of Bill’s sexual assaults against innocent victims; the email scandal that has rocked her candidacy; her recent shady business dealings and money laundering; and much more.”

Victor Thorn was a journalist and well-respected contributor for American Free Press. He was a long time researcher of the Clintons and wrote about why their return to 1600 Pennsylvania would be disastrous to our nation.


Sometimes, life imitates art. When investigating the Clintons, you’d think you were watching a bad version of Goodfellas mixed with The Parallax View. The amount of evidence regarding multiple obvious murders labeled ‘suicide‘ is astounding. The amount of proven corruption by both the government and FBI is astonishing and the mainstream media outlets are afraid to utter a single word.

Execution-style murders are written off as robberies, even though no money or valuables are taken. Gun shot wounds to the back of heads with no guns found at the scene, dismissed as suicides. Multiple women sexually involved with former President, Bill Clinton, found dead, sometimes along with their friends and family before testimony.

Secret Service agents that ‘knew too much’ blown up in airplane explosions labeled “crashes.”

None of this strikes odd for the FBI? Or does money truly talk?

At least three interns (with an “M” in their initials) at the White House linked to Bill Clinton were murdered execution-style because a story had leaked that “M” was pressing charges for sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton. This “M” was Monica Lewinsky. How many women with “M” in their initials gave Bill Clinton oral sex in the Oval Office to warrant their freaky, untimely deaths?


Below is a list of five other deaths related to Hillary and Bill Clinton. To see the full list of ‘the Clinton Body Count’, click here.

  • Suzanne Coleman: Had affair with Clinton when he was Attorney General of Arkansas. Death: February 15, 1977, 26 years of age. Died of a gunshot wound inflicted to the back of the head. Ruled ‘suicide’. No autopsy allowed or performed. She was 7 months pregnant at time of her death and had told friends she was carrying Bill Clinton’s baby.
  • Vincent Foster: Deputy White House Council, working on case exposing Whitewater trust to be fraudulent, also investigating the Clintons’ finances. Called Hillary Clinton hours before his demise. Death: July 20th, 1993. Also from Hope, Ark., like Clinton, and also worked for the Rose Law. Died of a gunshot wound to the face, suicide note found to be a forgery, no blood on his hands or gun when his body was discovered. Ruled a ‘suicide’. Unreported gunshot wound to his neck. Pathologist informed the FBI that there was NO exit wound.
  • Shawn Lucas: Attorney representing Bernie Sanders supporters, served DNC. Death: August 2nd, 2016. Had been in perfect health and did not do drugs, found unresponsive. Authorities refuse to disclose the cause of death. Meanwhile, the DNC is trying to delay the lawsuit until after the November presidential election by saying Lucas did not “properly” serve the papers.
  • Seth Conrad Rich: DNC Voter Expansion Data Director. Death: July 10th, 2016. Shot multiple times in the back a block from his residence in Bloomingdale, D.C.. The police wrote it off as a botched robbery, but Seth still had his wallet, watch, and cell phone. Involved with WikiLeaks dump of 20,000 DNC emails, proving the DNC was rigging the primaries in favor to Hillary Clinton. The scandal forced DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz to resign.
  • Antonin Scalia: Supreme Court Justice. Death: February 12th, 2016. Involved with Senate leval projects and meetings regarding how to arrest Hillary Clinton for mass amounts of corruption and possible espionage. Body found on top of a neatly made bed with pillow over his face. No autopsy and the body was immediately embalmed. Emails exposed by WikiLeaks from John Podesta to DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf just days before his suspicious death revealed he was murdered by DNC. “Wet work” is a term meaning assassination.


One thing is for certain: Victor Thorn’s death was never properly investigated. Our American legal system has failed to serve justice and the family of this man.

Thorn’s name is added to all of the other men, women, and children locked into the Clintons’ murder list. This has got to stop, these crooks have got to pay for their crimes in the form of a prison cell, not cash.

Donald J. Trump has already promised to do whatever he can to put Hillary Clinton behind bars if he is elected president, and not in the sense of how Martha Stewart spent her time.

If anyone deserves the death penalty, it is Hillary Clinton.

The Grim Reaper plagues the woman and follows her at every turn. Donald Trump needs our help as Republicans,  but more importantly as Americans. Trump needs each and every one of us to vote for him on November 8th, vetoing this monster from regaining control of the White House.

Hillary Clinton deserves a prison cell, not a seat in the Oval Office. Let’s make it happen.