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Journalist Grant Wahl, who stirred up controversy for wearing a rainbow shirt to a previous World Cup match has died while covering another match in Qatar.

The Associated Press reported that U.S. media seated near him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the media tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time and reporters adjacent to him called for assistance.

The reporters said that even though emergency services workers responded very quickly, they later were told that Wahl had died.

It is unclear at this time whether foul play was involved but Wahl had recently reported that he was sick and had visited a medical clinic.

Wahl said of his ailments, “My body finally broke down on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress, and lots of work can do that to you.”

“What had been a cold over the last 10 days turned into something more severe on the night of the USA-Netherlands game, and I could feel my upper chest take on a new level of pressure and discomfort,” Wahl explained.

Grant Wahl’s brother, Eric Wahl issued an emotional video following the news where he said that he was the reason his brother had worn the shirt because he is gay.

Eric Wahl added that his brother had received death threats and that he believes that his brother was killed.

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