Source: Patty McMurray

NBC’s cable “news” network MSNBC, whose horrible ratings are only rivaled by fake news CNN, has been banned from the Kenosha courthouse by Judge Schroeder after a reporter who claimed to work for MSNBC was arrested for reportedly following a bus filled with jurors last night.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas reports- Judge Schroeder: Kenosha police reported someone followed the bus carrying the Rittenhouse jurors last night while claiming to work for MSNBC. It is under investigation. No one working for MSNBC will be allowed inside the courthouse for the duration of the trial.

Law and Crime Network reporter Angenette Levy shared an update on Twitter:

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Judge Schroeder is going to make a statement this morning about an arrest being made by Kenosha PD after a #KyleRitthenhouse juror/jurors were followed by someone who claimed to work for NBC or MSNBC. Those outlets apparently say the person does not work for them

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk rightly points out that this is JURY INTIMIDATION by the NBC-owned cable news network. It’s bad enough they can’t even keep lying Brian Williams at the network that spreads racial hatred and for 4 years pushed a fake Russia hoax story about President Trump. Following innocent jurors on a bus is a new low—even for MSNBC.