Source: CD Media

Judge Pittman, in the Texas Sambrano vs. United Airlines case, decided on Nov 8th,  denied preliminary injunction for UAL employees.  What is disturbing is his 2-page conclusion on pages 14-15 (see attachment) about UAL’s behavior.

He states on page 14, “United’s seemingly calloused approach to its employees’ deeply personal concerns with injecting a foreign substance into their bodies.”

On page 15, he references a UAL Town Hall video where USAFA Class of 1989 CEO Scott Kirby cautions employees that very few religious exemptions would be granted.  Then Mr. Kirby publicly warned, “any employee who all of the sudden decided I’m religious” would unequivocally be “putting your job on the line”.  “You better be careful about that”.

Also, on page 15, he concludes, “United’s subsequent actions in “accommodating” these employees suggests that United’s actions may not have been motivated by safety concerns.  Instead, United’s actions may be viewed as pretextual.” 

“What a harassing and threatening environment to submit a medical or religious exemption.  Scott Kirby’s religious bigotry is a surprise as he was a former cadet, from Texas,  who walked by the inspiring USAFA cadet chapel for 4 years.  And it’s not about safety putting accommodated employees on indefinite unpaid leave but something dubious,” declared one USAFA graduate.

“This UAL employee harassment and abuse must be known to the flying public. The environment is horrible.  It sure violates UAL working together guidelines.”

You can read the judge’s order in the PDF file below: