Source:  Joe Hoft

On Saturday night Judge Jeanine and Dr. Robert Hariri discussed COVID related deaths and the percent of those with serious co-morbidies.  This was first reported by The Gateway Pundit last week.

Last Saturday we dropped a direct hit on the Democrat Party, their mainstream media and their coronavirus narrative and all hell broke loose. 

We’ve never seen anything quite like this.  Democrats, their fake news media and their ‘fact checker’ allies were completely outraged over our post reporting that only 9,210 Americans died from the coronavirus alone.  The rest of the coronavirus victims in the US according to the CDC had different serious illnesses and co-morbidities. 

The other tens of thousands of COVID-19 deaths reported by the CDC in the US had on average 2.6 other health conditions.

Twitter took down a tweet on these statistics.  CNN slandered President Trump and the Gateway Pundit and encouraged Twitter to take down a tweet based on our post that the President retweeted.

It is very clear that Democrats and their media don’t want Americans to know the full truth about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saturday we posted an article about COVID-19 – SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

The gist of the article was that COVID-19 is not nearly as deadly as first projected by the WHO in January and then by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx in March. Based on CDC numbers this past week only 6% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 were deaths where the only factor in the individual’s death was COVID-19.

From the CDC website.

For all the other deaths reported by the CDC linked to COVID-19, the individuals who passed away had 2-3 other serious illnesses or co-morbidities. This comes from actual data from the CDC (as posted above).

But on Sunday Twitter took down a related tweet by Mel Q and suspended her account.  Twitter notified her that actual CDC data “violated their policy on misleading information about COVID-19.” Her account was suspended from posting for 12 hours.

Then CNN wrote an hit piece this  report, the President’s retweet and our article entitled – Twitter removes QAnon supporter’s false claim about coronavirus death statistics that Trump had retweeted

They also tweeted out their work:

Of course they never approached us about their garbage post. CNN assumed that we were saying none of the other 94% of deaths classified as COVID-19 deaths were caused by COVID-19.

This is not what we reported as you can read for yourself.

What we did say is that only 9,210 deaths were “completely due to the coronavirus alone.  The rest of the deaths pinned to the China coronavirus are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on.”

The rest of the media and social media went into a frenzy as well.  Others shared tweets related to our post:

Candice Owens tweeted:

Donald Trump Jr responded to a tweet attacking our post:

But other media outlets published reports on Sunday and Monday rehashing our report with numbers from the CDC.  ABC, CBS and FOX all posted articles that supported the position in our post – yep, we were right.

But Democrats and the media could not have it.  So the fact checker allies at Facebook came after us as well – not one, not two… but six of them! 

On Saturday night Judge Jeanine Pirro invited Dr. Robert Hariri on to discuss these same numbers released by the CDC.

Dr. Robert Hariri agreed entirely with our assessment.

Dr. Hariri:  What we know is that the vast majority of people that die from this disease are from a very advanced age or they have more than one serious life threatening condition.  These co-morbid conditions can be be characterized as bad health.  They include things like diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-existing cardiac disease, immunology disease, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that these people are at risk of dying regardless of the precipitating factor.

These are the people who unfortunately pass away during a heat wave or just when they’re exposed to things like seasonal flu.  So what’s striking though is that the CDC data really suggests that had we paid more attention to the pre-existing diseases and had we used that as a factor in who we should protect, in other words, we know who’s got diabetes and hypertension and heart disease.  And if we knew that and focused our isolation measures and protective measures on them and allowed the rest of the population to go about their business we might be in a very different position today.

Judge Jeanine and Dr. Hariri could not have supported our position any better.  The China coronavirus really affects a slight part of our population, the sickest Americans the worst.  What is very concerning is that our medical elites made mistake after mistake in diagnosing the prescribing an intelligible and accurate plan for our country.  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have not served the American public in its best interest.