Source: Jim Hoft

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch continue to do the important work that our Department of Justice won’t do.

Judicial Watch requested documentation related to the phone records that Representative Adam Schiff and the Democrats obtained illegally from President Trump’s team members and close contacts during their attempted coup and unconstitutional impeachment.

Judicial Watch requested documentation related to lying Adam Schiff’s requests from phone companies during his unconstitutional and grotesque impeachment charade of President Trump.  It was uncovered that Schiff obtained phone records on innocent Americans connected with the President.

Schiff used outrageous subpeonas to obtain the records for which he had no right.  The President’s personal lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow were among those whose records Schiff requested. All the people whose records were requested were innocent of any wrongdoing.

When the Democrats received the subpoenas, they used tax payer dollars to respond and stated they had a special privilege that allowed them to deny responding.  This is a lie.  They have no special privilege like the President does when he properly exerts Executive privilege.  The President properly exerted his privileges and the Democrats impeached him for using his constitutional rights.  However in this case there is absolutely no reason that Democrats have to deny providing the public with the request.

The Democrats believe they can obtain phone records or spy on anyone they want to, for whatever reason, in order to obtain whatever they want.  There are no such rights in the US Constitution.  The DOJ should be investigating this case but they are not.

Judicial Watch is attempting to request that government officials abide by the law and constitution and hold them accountable if they are not.