Jussie Smollett


Things may be moving towards some sort of formal prosecution in the Jussie Smollett alleged attack case but Chicago PD have definitely yet to have a new sit-down with the Empire actor as more “developments” come to the surface.

As rumors swirl of a Grand Jury being convened soon on what was once classified as a “potential hate crime” on January 29, the Windy City cops said Sunday that they “cannot confirm any details as the investigation is still on-going.” However, a well-placed law enforcement source tells Deadline that despite emerging and complicating evidence and requests for a further formal interview, Smollett has not made himself available “in a timely fashion” to investigators.

“There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, and a sense of frustration with the response by Smollett and his lawyers,” the source stated.

Amidst signs that Smollett himself has become the subject of deeper inquiry into the supposed assault that occurred in the early hours of January 29, detectives want to know more about the actor’s version of what happened that day on the streets of Chicago and any possible “pre-knowledge” he may have had, says the law enforcement source of the incident.

The widely condemned attack was previously described as a racist and homophobic fueled barrage that left Smollett beaten, drenched in bleach and with a rope slung around his neck.

The performer who portrays the openly gay Jamal Lyon on the Lee Daniels and Danny Strong co-created Fox series, now in its fifth season, had an initial interview with police a few hours after the alleged attack late last month.

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