Posted BY: Rick Fuentes

Ever fearful of a Trump curtain call in 2024, the powers behind Joe Biden’s throne have throttled up their efforts to institutionalize socialist rule in America.  A path has been cut by means of a legal assault on state election protocols, causing Republicans to surrender real estate in swing states that now use mail-in ballots, dumps, late counts, and outdated voter registries to create conditions favorable to fraud. 

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Democrats have capsized a resuscitating economy and overburdened a working class already paying the bills for a welfare state overrun by millions of illegals.  Influence over policy has been surrendered to the party’s radical fringe, still under the spell of the former laughingstock of the Upper House, Bernie Sanders, who has elevated democratic socialism to a rebel yell. Their doctrine is rooted in the writings and lectures of Karl Marx and his protégés, all adapted into a couple of how-to guides by American radical political theorist, Saul Alinsky.

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