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Donald Trump on Friday announced his decision to travel to East Palestine, Ohio, the site of an ecological disaster caused by a Norfolk Southern train derailment on February 3.

The announcement was reported by Rogan O’Handley, a close associate of the former president.

“President Trump will be visiting East Palestine, Ohio next week This is what a real President looks like,” O’Handley tweeted.

A source “close to Trump” told Fox News Digital that he plans to visit with members of the community, adding that the 45th president has a strong relationship with the people of Ohio.

Trump’s announcement came soon after the White House said President Joe Biden has no plans to visit the area. In the two weeks since the train derailment and ecological disaster, neither Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg nor President Joe Biden has visited the county.

Columbiana County, where the epicenter of the environmental fallout is located, voted over 70% for Donald Trump in the last election.

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