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When it comes to Democrats there is only one card in the deck and they never hesitate to play it as a replacement for legitimate political discourse. 

Never has a presidential campaign been so dependent on the race card as that of Joe Biden whose own checkered past should make him the last one to point fingers given his praise for segregationists and a crime bill that has disproportionately affected black men. 

But for all of Biden’s race-baiting, he has nothing on his running mate Kamala Harris who ironically descends from a family that owned slaves but has built her political career on racial demagoguery. 

Now Harris is calling for all black people to vote for her and Biden and promoting the lie that blacks have been “disproportionally harmed” by President Trump whose economic policies resulted in record low black unemployment before the Democrat coronavirus lockdowns. 

In a Friday op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the ambitious Californian sought to put a tourniquet on a campaign that according to polls, has been losing a distressing portion of the black vote to Trump. 

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