Source: Nick Arama

One of the things that is most disgusting about the response from the Biden team on Afghanistan has been the halting, hiding failure to respond to questions about what’s going on. Then, when they finally do respond, you get demonstrable lies from Joe Biden and cackles from Kamala Harris.

Nothing they say can be trusted which is a terrible thought when you think you can’t even count on the numbers of Americans they are saying remain to be saved. On top of that, they did incredibly insane things like give the list of Americans and Afghan allies to the Taliban, even knowing that the Taliban had been hunting door to door to kill the allies and putting those Americans in danger.

In the wake of the death of 12 U.S. Marines and one Navy corpsman, with at least 170 dead at last count and many others wounded yesterday in a suicide terrorist bombing, we had to wait for hours to get any response from Joe Biden. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also didn’t respond for hours, but did go and joke around at a “women’s equality” event in San Francisco, where she refused to answer questions about the attacks. The media naturally would be anxious to ask questions of Kamala Harris.

Harris was supposed to speak to U.S. troops in Pearl Harbor on her way back from Vietnam, but she suddenly cut off the media access to the speech without explanation.

From Washington Examiner:

“The VP’s staff informed the pool during the flight that her event with troops at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam would now be closed press. No explanation given by the VP’s team for why it has been changed to closed press when asked by a member of the pool,” the dispatch said. [….]

Her original schedule said Harris would “participate in a troop engagement event at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam” and that there would be “travel pool coverage of this event.”

Her office released a statement on the attacks.

“Today in Kabul, a terror attack killed 13 American service members. These courageous service members died while saving countless lives. They are heroes,” she said.

“Doug and I grieve for the Americans we lost, we pray for the Americans injured in the attack, and our hearts go out to their loved ones. We also grieve for the Afghan civilians killed and injured,” Harris continued. Our country is grateful to all our women and men in uniform, and in particular, those working today to get Americans and our Afghan partners out of harm’s way. And we will complete that mission. Today, we honor those who gave their lives in service to their nation. We will never forget.”

But she refused to respond to questions when she arrived in Hawaii and when she got back on the plane to return to Washington, D.C.

Because, hey, why should she actually have to respond to questions on this? She’s doing her best to run away from it. But this is on her, just as much as it’s on Biden and she can’t escape it. It’s a complete dereliction of duty.