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A new poll found very bad news for Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris despite a campaign by the White House to rehabilitate her image and tout her accomplishments.

The poll said that her net approval rating among Americans was the worst in NBC News polling history, with a 17% difference between those who approve and those who disapprove. 49% of respondents said they disapproved of the job Harris was doing, according to the poll, while only 32% said that they approved of the job she was doing.

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Other vice presidents fared far better in previous polls, including Dick Cheney, who had a net positive 23% rating; Al Gore, who had a net positive 15% rating; and Joe Biden himself, who had a net positive 1% rating.

Only Mike Pence had a negative net rating of 4%, but even that was far less than Harris’ negative net rating.

Her first term as vice president has been mired by accusations of incompetence and unpreparedness, while her staff has seen high turnover as employees quit to find greener pastures. Harris has also been mocked and ridiculed over embarrassing repetitions of simple phrases in her speeches.

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