Source:  Daily Wire News

Vice President Kamala Harris said during an interview that aired on Sunday that her “biggest failure” during her first year in the Biden administration was not getting out of Washington, D.C., more.

Harris’ remarks come as she has seen her approval ratings plummet to the worst numbers ever recorded for a vice president in a USA Today/Suffolk poll at 28%.

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When asked by CBS News host Margaret Brennan what her biggest failure was during her first year in office, Harris responded, “To not get out of D.C. more.”

“I mean, and I actually mean that sincerely for a number of reasons,” she continued. “You know, I — we, the president and I came in, you know, COVID had already started. It was — the pandemic had started. And when we came in, we really couldn’t travel. You know, a large part of the relationship that he and I have built has been being in this, you know, together in the same office for hours on end, doing Zooms or whatever because we couldn’t get out of D.C. and on issues that are about fighting for anything from voting rights to child care to one of the issues that I care deeply about maternal health. Being with the people who are directly impacted by this work, listening to them so that they, not some pundit, tells us what their priorities are, I think is critically important.”

Harris said that she did not want to be out of touch with the American people by being trapped in a “bubble.”

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