Source: Nworeport

Stand-up comedian Affion Crockett was doing a show in Jacksonville, FL when a woman got on stage to complain that his jokes were offending her.

Crockett asked her what she was so offended about, to which the woman replied, “You’ve insulted a lot of people tonight.” This was met with booing from the audience, showing their disagreement with her statement. It appears that she was offended after Crockett made some sort of joke about sex. Crockett defended himself, saying, “I’m talking about consenting adults here… So, me being up here describing my life is insulting to you?”

Crockett continued to challenge the “offended” woman by asking her how she can come up and speak for the entire crowd. To prove his point, he asked his audience if anyone else was offended, which was met with a resounding “No!” from the other attendees.

The woman was then escorted off the stage as the audience chanted “Karen” at her.

Crockett has voiced his opposition to cancel culture before, saying “We put too much power in cancel culture” on an episode of the Drink Champs podcast.

“It’s all bulls***,” said Crockett, “We’re in a society where everybody’s attention span is so f***ing short, you can say some s*** tomorrow and get canceled, and then two weeks later you drop a new single”

There has been a recent outpouring of support for comedians and their freedom to say whatever they want without getting ‘canceled’. In October, when Dave Chappelle was being canceled by the woke Left, a crowd of supportive Netflix employees showed up chanting “We like jokes” and “Jokes are funny” to drown out his protesters.