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Editor’s Commentary: It’s impossible for me to separate my firm belief the midterm election was stolen in Arizona and other states based partially on the fact that the same states who had voter fraud problems during the 2020 election happened to be the same ones that inexplicably defied the polls again in 2022. Polls have favored Democrats in every election in modern history other than the last two. It’s conspicuous that this trend only applies to states with loose voter integrity laws and/or enforcement like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

The last two years have been challenging for many of us who chose not to “move on” from the stolen 2020 election. We were attacked from both sides of the political fence, which has caused many who would otherwise be vocal about the midterms being stolen to remain silent. That’s a shame, but it’s also understandable. Patriots have lost trust in the system and hope for justice to prevail.

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The article below by Jack Phillips with our premium news partners at The Epoch Times gives the factual version of what’s happening in Arizona now that an inquiry has been opened into Maricopa County’s corruption. As you read it, understand that I do not dish out hope very easily. I’m generally skeptical of such things as Kabuki Theater, but this time there seems to be teeth behind the inquiry. Could Arizona be the first domino to fall in exposing massive, widespread voter fraud? Even if it can only help correct the elections in Arizona, that’s enough… but let’s hope for more. Here’s Jack’s article:

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake proclaimed Saturday that she will become governor after the attorney general’s office demanded explanations on alleged Election Day problems in the state’s largest county.

“The way they run elections in Maricopa County is worse than in banana republics around this world,” Lake, a Republican rising star, told the Daily Mail.

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