Posted BY: Jordan Conradson

On New Year’s Eve, Kari Lake filed a petition in the Arizona Supreme Court to transfer her election lawsuit directly to the State Supreme Court.

Katie Hobbs is set to take office this week after her narrow and highly questionable election win.

Lake argues that Katie Hobbs’ swearing-in ceremony on January 2nd and the “electoral chaos” that targeted and disenfranchised Republican voters in Maricopa County on Election Day justify an immediate decision from the Arizona Supreme Court and a new election.

The filing cites “evidence put forward in this case, including the changing and conflicting testimony of Maricopa officials, and sworn testimony by whistleblowers employed by Maricopa,” to show that Maricopa County failed to verify mail-in ballot signatures, failed to keep the chain of custody for 300,000 ballots and caused massive “chaos” on election day causing tabulators to reject tens of thousands of ballots, disproportionally targeting Republican voters.

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