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Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has filed a petition to immediately transfer the appeal of the most recent ruling in her election integrity lawsuit to the Arizona Supreme Court. Lake filed the petition on Monday and wants the state’s highest court to take on her request in an interesting move that the corporate media is ignoring.

Earlier this week, Lake said she is open to a hand recount. In response to a Twitter user calling for a “full hand recount of all AZ ballots,” Lake replied with three simple words: “Yes. We. Do.”

Newsweek reported on the situation: “Lake was responding to a post from Cory McGarr, a conservative member-elect of the Arizona House of Representatives. In his tweet, McGarr pushed for the hand recount and said: ‘If there’s nothing to hide there’s nothing to fear.’ McGarr also tagged Abraham Hamadeh, a Lake ally and former GOP candidate for Arizona attorney general who challenged the results of his own recent election after he lost. A recent recount in that race confirmed that Hamadeh had, in fact, lost to his Democratic opponent Kris Mayes—although by a slimmer margin than the initial tally.”

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