Twitter spat goes viral after Lake’s fiery response to the globalist attorney

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

The Twitter account for GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign issued a blistering message to Hillary Clinton’s lapdog lawyer Marc Elias.

On Monday, Elias posted a video of his recent appearance on MSNBC where he claimed there was no voter suppression in the state of Arizona despite detailing multiple examples of voter disenfranchisement in the very same segment.

In his tweet, Elias wrote, “If you look up the definition of chutzpah in the dictionary, you find the idea that Kari Lake thinks there is voter suppression in Arizona.”

The Kari Lake War Room account responded, “Marc, You would not believe what happened when we looked up the term, ‘Bald Moron.’”

Popular attorney and podcaster Viva Frei pointed out that Elias essentially made Lake’s case for her by admitting there were long lines to vote, that registration laws kept people from voting and that ballots were tossed due to mismatched signatures.

Of course, Elias placed the blame on Republicans for each of these issues.

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