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Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake heralded CNN host Don Lemon’s grilling of her rival Katie Hobbs over her decision to shun a debate.

During the exchange, Hobbs defended her position that debating Lake risks amplifying her 2020 “election denialism” and suggested that it is too late to reverse course with less than a week before the midterm elections. Lake took a victory lap over the tense exchange on Twitter.

“Big yikes. Even @donlemon is calling @katiehobbs out! Bless her heart,” Lake tweeted alongside a clip.

“She centered her entire platform around this election denialism. I didn’t want to give her a bigger stage to do that. But additionally, she has shown that she’s not interested in any kind of substantive conversation. She’s only interested in creating a spectacle,” Hobbs told Lemon when asked about her refusal to square off with Lake.

Lemon noted that Lake has other platforms to spread her ideas and pressed Hobbs, who is currently Arizona’s secretary of state, about whether a debate could give her the chance to counter Lake’s election claims.

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