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Kari Lake, the Arizona Republican who narrowly lost the 2022 gubernatorial election to Democrat Katie Hobbs, continues her legal battle after ten months of court disputes. Lake alleges misconduct during the election, including malfunctioning election systems and improper signature verification of early voters’ ballots. Despite her previous attempts to overturn the election results in Arizona’s state courts, she hasn’t succeeded.

In her latest appeal, transferred to an appeals court in Tucson, Lake presents new evidence. She claims that Maricopa County falsely certified its vote-center tabulators, rejecting tens of thousands of Republican ballots due to misconfigured and defective ballots. This chaos resulted in long lines and wait times, potentially disenfranchising many Republican voters.

The filing suggests that Maricopa officials intentionally sabotaged the 2022 General Election, failed to conduct required logic and accuracy (L&A) testing, and altered election equipment, rendering the election fatally flawed. Lake’s supporters point to a recent court ruling by Judge John Napper, who indicated that verifying voter signatures on early ballots did not comply with state law, potentially opening the door for a redo of the election.

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Kari Lake’s legal battle to challenge the 2022 election results in Arizona continues, with her latest appeal citing new evidence of alleged misconduct and intentional interference in the election process by Maricopa County officials. The filing suggests that improper L&A testing and equipment alterations led to the rejection of tens of thousands of Republican ballots, causing chaos during the election.

Furthermore, a recent court ruling questioning the signature verification process on early ballots adds weight to Lake’s claims, as it potentially violates state law. This ruling could provide an opportunity to revisit the election results.

As the legal battle persists, the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election remains under scrutiny, and Lake’s supporters are hopeful that these developments may lead to a reevaluation of the election results. The situation underscores the ongoing debate over election integrity and the need for transparency in the electoral process.