Posted BY: Cristina Laila

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday revealed a doctor DID NOT examine Joe Biden after he fell hard on his right hip on Thursday.

Biden took a nasty spill on Thursday after delivering the 2023 commencement speech at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Karine Jean-Pierre said there was no need for a doctor to examine 80-year-old Biden after he fell hard.

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“Just to make sure we clear the record here, [Biden] tripped over a sandbag on the stage, and briefly he tripped and got up, and he got right back up,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Biden didn’t “get up.” Secret Service had to help him get up!

She continued, “There was no need for a doctor to see [Biden] as it was related to the fall and he’s doing fine!”

“Some of you saw him last night when returned, getting off Marine One on the South Lawn,” she said.

Yeah, we all saw Joe Biden bump his head on the helicopter’s doorframe!

Biden also walked right past the Marine without saluting.


“[Biden] spoke to this, so I would refer you back to his comments,” KJP said referring to Biden’s claim to reporters posted up on the South Lawn that he was “sandbagged.”