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President Joe Biden is running for reelection, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reaffirmed Monday, after being pressed at a briefing over record inflation following a report featuring Democratic fretting about the president’s age.

Jeane-Pierre began her response by mentioning limitations on what she can say about politics when speaking from the White House podium when asked directly if the president is running for reelection.  

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‘He hasn’t – first of all, let’s let’s reset for a second,’ she began. ‘I cannot talk about elections. I cannot be a political analyst from here, or, you know, or the midterms or anything like that, including 2024. The President, as you know, has been asked that question many times, and he has answered it 

‘His answer has been pretty simple. Which is yes, he’s running for reelection. I can’t say more than that,’ she said.